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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese's Free Tokens

If you go to Chuck E. Cheese's, you need to make sure you visit their web site first. They have lots of coupons online that will save you $$$.  You can also save a lot when you join the Chuck E-Club. I even got a coupon recently for 20 free tokens.

You can also print out cute reward certificates for free tokens.  My daughter just lost her first tooth recently and guess what? Chuck E. Cheese's gives 10 tokens for losing a tooth. There are all sorts of reward certificates. Here's a list: Clean room, homework first, let's get dressed, reading rewards, good night sleep, potty perfect, terrific teeth, done with thumbs, great behavior, great listener, no nose picking, magical musician and good patient. There are also sports ribbons with ten free tokens.  These make for great rewards for your kids.

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