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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A lasting, memorable Mom's Night Out

Tobie Smith
Photo by Robin Wilson
 Bella Photography
Sometimes as a mom, especially a mom with young children, we lose our own identity. We are so focused on raising our children and tending to their every need that we forget about our own needs. I know this from experience. I had my kids a little later in life and had my career first. I will tell you it is a lot easier to have a career than to be a stay at home mom. I would never change for one minute my life with kids, but I can tell you raising children is a lot of work. You are on call 24/7. You really don’t get a break.

Every now and than I get together with some friends have a mom’s night out. In the past we have gone out for dinner, painted pottery, watched movies, played Bunko and we’ve even had the jewelry parties.

Recently one of my friends had a mom’s night out at her house that was out of the ordinary. It’s a new kind of party that is taking place called Boudoir photography parties. For us this was “mommy makeover.”

My friend decided to have the party after seeing amazing photographs of another friend of ours. Our friend, who had the photos taken of her by a Boudoir photographer for her husband’s birthday present, told us how nice it was to get all dolled up and feel sexy for a change instead of just being in jeans and sweatpants.  She also said, it shows that every woman is beautiful in her own right no matter size, shape or style.

We had the same a professional female photographer take tasteful Boudoir photographs of us for our husband’s.  I had never been to one of these parties before. It was a lot of fun. It was like we were fashion models taking photos for the cover of a magazine. We had our own private studio with a fantastic photographer and lights!

If you can imagine a bunch of moms primping and getting ready for our photo shoot. The bathroom was full of makeup, curling irons, brushes and hairspray.  It was a total girly night. We were able to do several different outfit changes and change the scenery. I think the photographer was there for about 4 hours. For a photo shoot like this, I would say the photographer is key. You have to feel comfortable taking any photographs especially ones that are not your typical studio shots. Our photographer made you feel so comfortable and relaxed. She always was positive about the shots she was taking. The photos she took came out fantastic. A few days after the shoot we were emailed the proofs and we could purchase any of them we wanted. If we wanted them touched up we could even get them touched up.  The cost for a shoot like this is probably more than the $50 per person that we paid, but the photographer was a friend of a friend and she just started doing these kind of parties, so she did it a little cheaper than normal. This isn’t a typical mom’s night out, but it was one that will last forever. By the way, our husband’s loved the photos!

(Our photographer was Robin Wilson of Bella Photography. Her website is
Also a special thank you to Tobie Smith for letting me feature her awesome photo in my blog!

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  1. So great! WHat a night :) I can't wait to do it again


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