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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Make Money by Transferring Prescriptions

If you take prescription medicines, this is a great time to transfer your prescriptions to Walgreens. If you transfer a prescription you can get a $25 giftcard to Walgreens. It is well worth it and very simple to do. You can do it online or you can bring in your old prescription bottle and Walgreens will transfer for you.

You can't transfer from another Walgreens, but any other pharmacy works. I know that any way you can save a little on prescriptions is worth it.

You can transfer as many prescriptions as you have and for each one they will give you a $25 giftcard.

Click here to for more information.

*** If you like CVS, you can also transfer to them and get a $25 giftcard. They accept competitor's coupons.

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