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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank a Teacher!

This week is teacher appreciation week. It is a time when we get to thank our
children's educators for all they do for our kids. When I think about teachers, I think about how they play such an important part of our child's life.I am so thankful for the teachers I had while going to school. For the most part, I had wonderful teachers who helped me become the person I am today.

When you think about it, elementary school teachers spend almost as much time as
we do as parents with our children during the week. My daughters who are now in second and fourth grade, have also had fantastic teachers so far during their first few years of school. My girls love going to
school and it has a lot to do with their teachers. Both my daughter's have had
teachers that are very caring and nice.

Today's teachers have so much on their plate. Teachers have to be more than
teachers. Because of today's society and the home life of a lot of kids, teachers have had to take on an even bigger role in a child's life. Some of today's educators are the only positive influence a child has.
Teachers today are role models and play a big impact in our child's life.
Middle and high school students awarded the Turnaround Achievement Awards. Pictured with the students is Reginald Roundtree from WTSP, who was the guest speaker

Recently, I was asked to attend an awards ceremony for fifty middle and high school students who turned their lives around. It was called Pinellas County's Turnaround Achievement Awards.

Jerry Krauss from Seminole Lanes who
hosted the Turnaround Achievement Awards

 It was hosted by the Krauss family. They own Seminole Lanes bowling alley. I think this awards ceremony captures the essence of just how important a educator can be. A lot of these student’s lives were changed because of teachers who took time and cared about a student who may have been going in the wrong direction. Some of the students were in trouble all the time, some were making terrible grades and some were missing school all the time.  Because a teacher or coach took an interest in a student and let them know they truly cared about them, these students lives were changed. The stories I heard that day were incredible and brought tears to my eyes. At the ceremony the educator gave you a glimpse of how the student was and how they changed. The student in turn thanked the person who made a difference in their life. Some of these students were going nowhere fast and now they have scholarships to

It is important to thank those who make a difference in our child's lives. Thank
you to all our educators. You deserve this week of appreciation and continued
appreciation throughout the year.

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