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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ceramics painting fuels summer creativity

Recently my two girls started painting ceramics. One of my friends and her daughter told us about a wonderful little pottery shop in Largo that they started going to and love. We decided to check it out and found it to be a fun place to go especially during the summer when the kids get bored and want to do something new. It’s also great place to go rainy days!

The place is called Get Creative Gallery and the owner is Robin Smith. The shop has been around for awhile, but Robin is a new owner who purchased the place earlier this year.

We have been going for several weeks and my girls have painted some incredible pieces of pottery including: a chimpanzee, a little jewelry box, a heron, horses, a bunny, flip flops and a few other things. The girls can sit there for hours painting. They get so involved in what they are doing, just watching them take their time to paint is incredible to me. They are 8 and 9 now, so  they are not rushing as much as they use to.

Our friends who introduced us to the gallery help out there several days a week, so it makes it even more special for us to go there. The owner Robin is no nice and very welcoming. You feel like you are right at home painting. Robin has another assistant who also helps out and she is very sweet too.

What I also like is that the pottery isn’t that expensive to paint. For the amount of time that you are there and for the finished product it really is reasonable and for those of you out there like me who are on a budget, this is really affordable. Something else that I found different about this shop and others, is that you don’t pay for the paints, just the ceramic piece you are painting. I have been to other galleries and you pay for not only the product, but for the paints too. One of my friends told me her daughter painted a mug one time and it was expensive after they paid for the mug and the paints.

It is important for kids to be creative. At the gallery, my kids are having fun and enjoying the arts. What I like is that when the pieces are fired in the kiln they all end up looking pretty good. The kiln gives them that a beautiful glaze. Sometimes my kids can’t wait a day to have their piece go in the kiln, so they get it sprayed with a gloss. It also looks nice sprayed.

This isn’t a place just for kids to go. It’s for adults too. They have pottery that everyone can paint. They also do birthday parties, Mom’s Night Out parties and canvas painting parties.

In my house we are already thinking about Christmas in July. The girls are starting to make some of their Christmas gifts. What a treasure their gifts will be.

The Get Creative Gallery is located at: 13836 Walsingham Road, Largo, FL 33774
They are open Tuesday through Saturday. The phone is 727-226-4345.

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