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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kid’s learning about nutrition a fun way!

I was so excited this week to take my ten year-old daughter, Randi to the Kohl’s Cooks for Kids class this week. We tried to get into the last session, but it filled up quickly. I can see why after attending the first class. If you haven’t heard about it, Kohl’s Cooks for Kids is a children’s nutrition and cooking course sponsored by Fit4AllKids at All Children’s Hospital. It is one night a week for five weeks. Parents attend with their child, so you learn together lessons about healthy eating. Parents are there to help and supervise, but the kids do all the work and cook the food. They clean up too!

Chef for the night!
Our class included four tables of parents and kids about 18 people. Our leader from Fit4KidsAllKids was Miss Terry and she was awesome! She got everyone involved and really explained to the children about the five food groups and why we need to eat from each one. As a parent, getting my kids to eat healthy foods can sometimes be hard. Both of my two daughters can be picky eaters. I do have to say they are doing better this year at trying more foods. My daughter Randi is actually eating salad. She wouldn’t touch it before.  The one rule Ms. Terry has is that she asks the kids to at least try one bite of the food they are making. If they don’t want any more that’s ok, as long as they tried it. What’s funny is some of the kids gave a look like “’ I have to try it?” and by the end of the night they were asking for more food.

Anyway, each table picked a kid chef for the night. Randi was the chef for the night. She was so excited. This meant that she had to be in charge of the meal we were preparing. The meal we prepared was a healthy Mexican Bulgar and Chicken recipe. Buglar is a wheat grain that is high in fiber and low-fat. It is used like rice. The kids had to chop, slice and dice everything including the peppers and onions. The parents made sure they didn’t slice any fingers. They also had to measure the ingredients using the measuring spoons and cups. It was great seeing the kids work together to prepare this delicious meal.

After the ingredients were cut and measured, they were put in the pan.  My daughter carefully watched and stirred the food. She than served it to everyone to try. The kids couldn’t get enough of it. They loved it.

We all received the recipe to take home and try with the rest of our family. The homework for the class is to cook the recipe for your family and share it with a friend. The kids were also given a set of their own measuring spoons. 
My youngest daughter loved
it too! 

It was such a wonderful night because I was not only able to spend quality time with my daughter, but we were also able to take home some nutritional tips. Now we have a quick and simple meal that my daughter and I can make for the family.

My daughter made dinner for the family and her sister loved it. She almost liked the plate!

There are several classes offered each year throughout Pinellas County. Kohl’s is a big sponsor of All Children’s and helps with this program so it is free to families. To find out more about Kohl’s Cooks for Kids click here. If you would like a free cookbook click here. If you would like the chicken and bulgur recipe click here. If you are interested in the classes you can email Kohl's Cooks for Kids at


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