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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Save money on gas!

Gas can be so expensive. Are you looking for a way to save a few dollars? If you shop at Publix you can save at least $10. If you shop at both Publix and Winn Dixie in the same month you can save more. Every few weeks, Publix will do a gas deal starting on Friday and running through Sunday when you guy $50 worth of groceries. You can buy $50 gas gift card for $40. Gas cards varies by store. I am lucky because Shell is one of the cards my Publix offers. If you buy a Shell gas gift card and than shop at Winn Dixie you can save even more. Winn Dixie gives you fuel perks, which is deals on gas at Shell when you buy groceries. At Winn Dixie with the groceries I bought there I was able to save $.30 on every gallon. I saved more than $14 on my gas! You can too! Look for the flyer at the front entrance at Publix. For the deals at Winn Dixie you need the Winn Dixie card, which is free to apply for. Click here for more on Winn Dixie's Fuel Perks.

Publix Coupon looks similar to this.
Here's an example from the Winn Dixie Website on Fuel Perks!

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