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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Life can change in an instant

My van a few millimeters from hitting a huge oak tree
in between a stop sign and fire hydrant
A few weeks ago I was in a pretty bad car accident. It was an early Wednesday morning and I was by myself driving to a volunteer meeting for my daughter's school. As I was making a turn, my van was hit by another vehicle on the passenger side. It was such a hard impact that my van spun around and all the passenger windows shattered plus five airbags went off. My van was totaled. Angels must have protected me because my injuries were minor. I had whiplash and lower back pain, but overall I was very fortunate. The person who hit me also wasn't injured. 

In my 30 plus years of driving, I have never have been in an accident. So, I was in shock when it happened. As I think back on that day and look at pictures of my van, I can't help but think how my life could have changed in an instant.

Every day I see on the news or read about fatalities on our roadways. As a television reporter years ago, I reported on quite a few road fatalities. I never really thought about how in the blink of an eye so many lives changed. I could have died the other day in the accident. My van was within millimeters of a huge oak tree. Somehow I avoided hitting it, a stop sign and fire hydrant. How would my family's lives changed in that instant? My two little girls could have been without a mom. My husband without a wife.

I've been pondering how some lives are sparred, like mine, and some are taken like a close family friend who died in a motorcycle crash a few years ago. And, I am reminded just how precious our time is here on earth. It's important to make each day count and live each day with no regrets.  

I always tell my husband and my daughters how much I love them. I tell them more now. If you haven't told your loved ones how important they are to you and you love them, make today be the day you let them know. You may not have another day.

I am so thankful, I have another day to celebrate life. Each and every day is a gift. Make the most of your day!
All the airbags went off on the passenger side and all the
windows shattered

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