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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Easy and healthy meals delivered to your door

Fresh ingredients delivered to our front door 
I don't know about you, but every night it is a hassle to think about what to cook the family for dinner. I work from home, have two young kids and I am busy running my girls to extracurricular activities after school, so making a healthy meal sometimes gets put on the back burner.

I have been trying to get my meals for the week on Sunday and make them ahead of time or find simple recipes for the crock pot. It's hard because when I go to the grocery store with some of my new recipes, sometimes I don't know what some of the ingredients even are that I am trying to find. It can get frustrating. I also overbuy the amount of food I need and end up wasting food sometimes.

HelloFresh box with 3 meals
I have seen advertisements for meals that get delivered to your home by a company called HelloFresh and decided to try it out. How could I resist with a $40 off coupon? I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't know anyone else who had tried it yet, so I decided I would see how it worked.

The regular cost for a family of four with three ready to make meals including the meats and shipping  is $105. Since I had the $40 coupon, it was $65. This is a service you sign up for and the food can get delivered weekly, monthly or whatever you want and on the day you want it delivered. It works out to be about $8.75 per person per meal if you buy for a family of four three meals a week without any discounts. With the $40 off the fist box it ended up being $5.41 per person per person per meal. You can also buy the meals for a                                                           family of two. 
Here are the boxes each meal came in
plus the meats 

I had it delivered on Monday, so we could have the meals during the week. I couldn't wait for the package, because I was excited to have healthy meals at my fingertips. When the box arrived, I was very impressed. Each meal had it's own separate box labeled with the ingredients inside. The meats were separate. The package also included a card with each recipe including photos. I love photos because then I know what to do and what it should look like when finished.

Randi last year
learning how to cook at
All Children's Fit4Allkids
Last year my 11-year-old daughter Randi, took the AllChildren's Fit4Allkids cooking classes and learned the basics for cooking. I decided this might be fun for her to do since she loves to cook. We tried it out and she did great. I helped her a little and oversaw the process, but overall she was able to make the meals on her own. It was an experience for her and the whole family benefited from the wonderful healthy meals. Randi made sausage and broccolini orecchiette with pesto and apricot-glazed chicken. These two meals were scrumptious. The cook time was suppose to be 30 minutes. It took Randi about an hour. I think as we make more meals we will get faster.
Randi cooked this
sausage and broccolini orecchiette with

I will say the portions were also really good. The sausage meal gave us leftovers for another day. I think it tasted even better the second day.

Loved Randi's presentation of
apricot-glazed chicken
I decied to try my cooking skills and
made the Lemongrass beef stir-fry
Overall, this was a pleasant surprise to my cooking dilemma. I have everything delivered right to my door and it's fresh. I don't have to look for ingredients at the store and I don't waste food. It's awesome! The meals are so simple, even my 11-year-old can cook them, and it's a great way to share the cooking experience.

I also found, I can share a special code with friends and they get $40 of their first box and I can get $20 off my next box. You can also send up to four friends a free meal after you get your first two orders. I thought that was pretty good too. Here's the code to start today and get $40 off your first box. Got to HelloFresh and enter this code X7TYB3.

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