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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One local business investing in our youth

Seminole Elementary School students bowling with their
principal Nanette Grasso for receiving all A's on their
report card.
For the past 35 years the owners of Seminole Lanes have been giving back to Pinellas County elementary schools by opening up their bowling alley to free bowling for students in grades third through fifth making principals list or all A's on their report card.
Graci and me at
the bowling alley

Recently 65 kids from Seminole Elementary were treated to bowling at Seminole Lanes for making straight A's this past grading period. The students got to bowl with their new principal Nanette Grasso. My youngest daughter was one of the students invited to go bowling for her grades, so I helped chaperone the event. The kids had a blast bowling with their friends and were treated to pizza for lunch by the school's PTA. Not only did Seminole Lanes provide the bowling, but bus transportation to and from their school.
As a mom, it is encouraging to see companies like Seminole Lanes making a difference in the community and rewarding students who are doing well in school. What a great incentive to get students to strive for A's.
Kevin Krauss and Jerry Krauss,
owners of Seminole Lanes
 I have had the pleasure of knowing Jerry and Joan Krauss, the owners of Seminole Lanes. They are wonderful people and do so much for our community. They have owned Seminole Lanes for almost 60 years. It's a family business now being run by their son Kevin and grandson Cory. I am in awe of their generosity to schools and students. Jerry and Kevin have told me they enjoy introducing kids to this family sport by providing this opportunity to bowl with their principal during the school year. On a side note, Seminole Elementary has a special place in the Krauss' heart because all four of Jerry and Joan's kids attended Seminole Elementary.

Rewarding kids for straight A's isn't the only way Seminole Lanes honors students for their hard work. Each year they also host a Turnaround Achievement Award Breakfast for Pinellas County students who have achieved the most significant turnaround in his or her life nominated by their school principal or teacher. This event is organized by the Pinellas County Drop Out Prevention Department and is sponsored by the Krauss family. The turnaround can be anything from turning their grades around, their attitude around or overcoming substance dependence.

I had the opportunity to attend one of these breakfasts about two years ago and I was amazed at the students and their teachers and counselors who helped them turn their lives around to make better choices. What a gift the Krauss family provides to these students and their families by recognizing positive behavior.

This a family using their business to make a positive impact on our youth. As a parent and community member, I want to thank them for taking an interest in our children.   


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