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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Survey Says.....

(Article by contributing writer Ree Shapiro, a teacher in Pinellas County)
Throughout the school year many teachers like to send out parent surveys.  A survey may be sent a couple of times a year or more, depending on the teacher.  I like to send out a survey sometime toward the end of January.  This is the halfway point in the school year.  The answers to the survey let me know what I should focus on in the second half of the school year.
My surveys consist of questions based on family expectations.  I ask questions such as: How do you feel about the progress your child has made this year?  Do you feel there is good communication between the classroom and home?  How do you feel about my expectations for your child this year?  How do you feel about the monthly homework? Family projects?
Some parents may feel anxious about putting their name on the survey, so I make the name optional.  It does make it more helpful to have a name on the survey especially if you have academic concerns.  If you phrase your answers in a positive way most teachers are happy to help solve any areas of concerns families may have.
I always find the answers on the surveys very informative.  Last year I was surprised how many surveys stated that they would like to see more family projects assigned during the school year.  I increased the amount of family projects I assigned and kept that change through this school year.  I will be interested to see how families respond to the survey this year, especially where family projects are concerned!
If your child’s teacher sends home a survey, please take a few minutes to fill it out.  Teachers really want the input and use the information to help enhance your child’s school year.

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