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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kids Workshops Wonderful for Bonding and Learning

My kids can’t wait to go with their Grandpa “Pa” the first Saturday of the month and build something at Home Depot. For the past several years my dad picks my two little girls up and takes them to Home Depot for the kids’ free workshops. It is such a special time for the kids and my dad. This is a great time for them to bond.

The crafts are pretty simple, but they do require hammering. Pa helps the girls make sure they hammer the nails in just right. So far my kids have made wood banks, airplanes, pencil holders, flower holders, race cars just to mention a few. I am running out of room as to where to put all their wonderful hand made items. The girls have so much fun building their projects and than they paint them.
All Home Depots do these workshops. It is the first Saturday of every month. All you do is show up with your kids on Saturday between 9am and noon. There are usually tables set up outside with the supplies. The first time your kids go, they get a cute little orange apron to wear. After the children finish their projects, they get a certificate and a special pin with a little picture of what they just made. This pin goes on their apron. Each time they come they get a different pin to add to their apron.
Coming up Saturday, February 4th, the kids are making keepsake
boxes for Valentine’s Day. Most of the kids are ages 5 to 12, but I have seen some a little younger.
If you can’t get to Home Depot, Lowes usually offers their kids workshop called Build and Grow the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. 

Coming up on February 11th, kids will be making Valentine day card creator. This is also free.  You do need to sign up for these clinics on line at They begin at 10am. It is limited to the first 50 kids that sign up. The kids receive a kit, apron and goggles. Recommended ages for these crafts is first through fifth grade.
These wonderful workshops have given my children memories of building crafts with their Pa that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for something to do with your child, this is a fantastic opportunity to have fun, make something and do it all for free!

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