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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Savings for Groceries this week!

Make sure you check your local newspapers for special savings off of your total grocercy bill. Sometimes it can be a pain to sit and clip hundreds of coupon for all your grocery items, so when you can save $5 and $10 instantly, it is worth it.

This week in the Sweetbay flyer you can save $10 when you spend $50. There is also a $5 off of $50 purchase from Albertsons. Winn Dixie has one for $5 off of $30 purchase..

The nice thing about these coupons is most stores will honor competitors coupons, so it doesn't matter if the coupon isn't for the store you normally shop at, you can use them at the story the coupon is for or the other stores.

This is great news with the Easter holiday fast approching.

(I usually find the coupons in the mail on Wednesdays. I also found one in the local free paper, the Beacon this week)

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