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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free Women & Teens Care Clinic

Most women don't know too much about the vehicle they drive. I know, I am one of them.  When something goes wrong on my van, I don't know if it is something simple to fix or if I need to take it into the shop. I found this wonderful free workshop to help you understand your vehicle a little bit better. 

It is a FREE Women and Teen Car Care Clinic in Pinellas Park, Florida. The clinic is Saturday, August 18th from 9am-11am. It will be held at the Sonic located at 7725 49th Street North in Pinellas Park.
You can register or get more information by logging onto New Hope Auto & Truck website or by calling 727-572-8877.

What is the Car Care Clinic about?

The car care clinic will be informational and hands on. The class will cover general maintenance items such as:
  • Checking Fluids
  • Belts
  • Hoses and Tires
  • Vehicles' scheduled maintenance
  • keeping a maintenance log

The class is by certified mechanic Hope Peterson, owner of New Hope Auto & Truck. All the class materials are provided by the National Car Care Council.

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