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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things to do this summer that won't cost you too much $

What’s on your list of things to do this summer with the kids? I know a lot of kids go to camps during the summer, but what about the days the kids aren’t at camp?

I found some fun things for you to do with your kids that are either free or priced pretty reasonable.
If your kids like to bowl, you can register them for two free games of bowling a day. Yes, a day. This is part of the Kids Bowl Free Program. Bowling centers around the country participate in this.   Locally Dunedin Lanes, Twedt’s Bowling Center, Liberty Lanes and Ten Pin Lanes participate.  You register online and print out tickets each week. I have registered my girls the past two years for this and they love it. The only thing you have to pay for are the bowling shoes, but if you have them than it is totally free. The website to register is Kids Bowl Free.

How about taking the little ones to the movies? We love to go during the summer and watch the movies on the big screen. Regal Cinema’s Largo Mall 8 and Park Place Stadium 16 offer movies for kids during the summer for $1. You can’t beat the price. There are some really good movies this summer. Dolphin Tale, Kung Fu Panda 2, Chimpanzee, Rango, Arthur Christmas and Smurfs to name a few. The movies are G and PG rated and are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10am starting June 12th. To find out the movie dates and times at the theatre nearest you log
                                                      onto Regal Movies.

If you have teenage children, make sure you register them for the two free months of a gym membership at LifeStyle Family Fitness. Teens ages 12-17 can workout for free this summer starting now to August 15. I have friends that had their kids do this last year and they had a blast! You can register at Lifestyle Family Fitness.

Your kids can also go to a Tampa Bay Rays game for free over the summer if you have them read. The Rays Sponsor a reading program called Reading with the Rays. It starts on June 10th. You need to go to your local library to get a score card to write down all the books your child reads during the summer. If they complete 24 hours of reading, they can get a free ticket to a Rays game. Both of my girls enjoy reading and love going to the Rays games, so this is extra incentive to read over    the summer.

If your kids like the water, the beach is a great place to take them. We are so fortunate that we live so close to the beautiful water. Take advantage of the beach over the summer. Check out your city’s recreation department too this summer. Most of the cities in Pinellas have aquatic centers with water parks and pools. The price to go for a few hours is usually a few dollars per child. 

I love having my kids out of school during the summer, but I have to find activities to keep them busy or they get bored. I hope some of these ideas help you this summer.

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