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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to get cheaper Gas at the pump

Gas is so expensive these days. We all want to save a few cents at the gas pump. Here's a way to save a few dollars. Look for savings at your local grocery stores.

I found at Publix if you purchase $50 in groceries, you can get $10 off of a $50 gas card. The gas card at my Publix was for BP gas. I know I spend about $100 in groceries so if I get 2 gas cards I am saving $20 on gas. You can find the coupons in the front of your Publix store.

Winn Dixie has a fuelperks bonus rewards for having a new perscription at their pharmacy. You can save $1 per gallon of gas, up to 20 gallons. You have to have a coupon, which you get in the front of the store in their flyer.

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