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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sea World's Christmas Celebration

If you get a chance to go to Sea World's Christmas Celebration, it is so worth it. We hear so much about companies taking out the word "Christmas" and replacing it with the word "holiday." If you are looking for an amusement park that keeps the Christmas season alive, Sea World is it.

We recently had a chance to go Orlando and spend time at Sea World's park. It was a fantastic time. Our whole family loved it!

We were most impressed with the O Wondrous Night production. It is called the greatest story never told and it was beautiful.   Not only is the title of their special event called Sea World's Christmas Celebration, but they even go one step further and tell the story about the birth of Christ with a production of more than 30 carols, live-size puppets and live animals take the stage at the end of the show including camels, sheep and doves. It was a wonderful show.

We also saw Shamu and the other whales. It is just breathtaking at what these enormous mammals can do. Truly entertaining.

The Sky Tower was fun too. We could see the whole park. The weather was gorgeous and it wasn't too crowded.

The park is decorated for Christmas, so there were many lights. There is the Sea of Trees, where over 100 trees light up in the water and dance to Christmas music.

We also loved the Winter Wonderland on Ice. It was incredible. The ice-skaters were fantastic and their costumes were beautiful. After the show, fireworks lit up the sky.

If you are looking for something fun for the family and a place to get  into the holiday spirit, this is it.

Sea World's Christmas Celebration runs until December 31st.

If you want more information about Sea World click here.  You can save $10 by purchasing online. Also Active military and teachers get in free. Click on the words to go to the link for more information.

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