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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holidays can be exhausting

Are the holidays really over? Wow, they went by so fast. As a mom making sure everyone has a wonderful time during the holidays can be exhausting. It seems like there are so many things to do to prepare and it’s over in a matter of hours. Most moms I know are very busy making the holidays special for their kids and family. Hours are spent decorating the house, mailing Christmas cards, shopping for presents, wrapping presents, looking at lights, baking cookies and attending parties. It is all just part of the holiday bustle.

This year was a little harder than usual for me because I had to be packed and finished with my shopping a few days earlier as we went out of town for Christmas.

As a person who is always looking for fantastic deals on presents this was hard because I know the markdowns come just days before Christmas. I have to tell you though that I shopped earlier than usual and found some awesome deals. By knowing what I wanted to get I could look online and find the best price and go to that store.  I also looked for coupons, so it worked out pretty good. To tell you the truth I think I enjoyed the holiday a little more because I wasn’t rushing around up to the last minute.

Now that the new year is upon us and I reflect over the past year, I see how important it is to really enjoy the time we have with our family.

This past year has come and gone, just like the holidays.

The kids continue to get bigger and time doesn’t stop. We have to cherish every minute we have. We have to make each day count. Especially after we see how fast a child can be taken from their parents like the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut this past year. My heart just breaks for those families. This year enjoy the days ahead and have a wonderful 2013.

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