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Thursday, May 16, 2013

When schools out, what do working moms do with their kids?

This will be my first summer where I need to figure out what I am going to do with my two daughters ages 7 and 8, during the summer while I am working. I have been a stay- at- home mom since my girls were born, but recently I started back working part time. I haven’t had to worry about them while they’ve been in school, but in just a few weeks they will be out of school and I will have to find someone to watch them or a camp to put them in.
As I started thinking about my situation for the summer, I thought about the moms that are out there that work full time. I can only imagine how hard it must be to have all the responsibilities of being a mom and working full time. I am having trouble with working just part time and trying to fit everything in I do as a mom. I am very fortunate that I have a boss that allows me to work around my kids schedule and I can work from home part of the time. I also have lots of family in town to help me with my kids if I get in a bind and need them to pick them up from school or watch them for a few hours. I know that isn’t what most working moms have, so I am grateful for all the support.
As a mom, at least for me, I want to be with my kids and be involved in what they are doing. I have had to miss a few things at school this year because of work. My kids understand, but I did have them tell me, “You use to go to this event and I miss you when you aren’t there.” It breaks my heart when they say that, but I know they will get over it. I am there when the big events happen like chorus concerts and awards ceremonies. I hope I can continue to be there for those types of events. My kids are my priority, but as we all know we must have money to pay the bills. I feel for the moms out there that can’t make it to their kids school events or other activities. I know most moms want to be there, but not every boss or every job has the flexibility to be able to do it.  I really don’t know how single parents do it. It must be so hard.
So what do parents do with their children during the summer while we are working? I found the best option for most is summer camps.  The nice thing is there are so many camps out there to choose from. Camps are usually not too expensive and are usually less than hiring a babysitter. For me safety is the most important part of any camp and knowing who is facilitating the camps. I am not going to allow my kids to go with just anyone. Once again, I am very fortunate that my sister has a studio locally called Korisma School of Personal Charm and has camps that my kids can go to. The only problem is her camps aren’t every week throughout the summer. The camps are one week a month, so I have to find something the other three weeks of the month. One of the weeks they will do Vacation Bible School at our church. I usually try and help out with it, but this year I won’t be able to volunteer because of work. Still, the kids can still go to that camp for a week. Our church also offers another weeklong camp for Cheerleading, so my kids may go to that.
As for the other weeks, I will probably have to hire a babysitter or see if my parents can help out. The whole idea of working is so you make money and aren’t spending it all on someone else watching your kids while you work. Like most of you I’m sure I’ll figure it out before the summer begins.
Check out the different options for camps- with themes including: martial arts, sports, science, art, drama, music, dance - to find the best fit for your family. Most churches offer vacation Bible school during the summer too. Some are free and others cost a nominal fee.
The following local camps are my favorites! I have either participated in these organizations' camps as a little girl or my kids enjoyed them.
-Korisma School of Personal Charm teaches poise and etiquette, confidence building and acting. Call 394-7827. 
-Ruth Eckerd Hall offers summer programming in arts, drama, music and dance. Call 712-2706.
-St. Pete College, College for kids emphasizes science, art and math. Call 341-3000.
-Bowling camps are offered at Seminole Lanes (Call 392-2271) and Sunrise Lanes (Call 522-2174).
-Seminole Lake Country Club Tennis offers sports, tennis, golf, swimming, bowling and fitness camps. Call 394-1733
-Faith Presbyterian Church offers several sports camps including basketball, cheerleading, flag football and soccer. Call 391-0596

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