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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Benefits of children playing musical instruments

In the past few months both of my girls started playing musical instruments. My oldest daughter Randi who is almost 9 years old plays piano and my youngest
daughter Graci who is 7 years old plays guitar. We were fortunate to find two wonderful teachers. I am amazed at how fast they pick up on learning to play. I have always heard it is good to start kids young if you want them to learn a second language and I guess that goes for musical instruments too. They pick up so much faster at a young age. I know that for a fact because I am trying to learn guitar with my daughter at her lesson and while she is strumming away, I just can’t seem to get the chords.  

Anyway, recently Randi had her first piano recital. She had to play two pieces of music. The first piece she had to memorize and the second piece was a duet with her teacher. Randi was a little nervous since this was her first time playing in front of a group. The recital was held inside a chapel and it was full with excited parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. There were about ten other students who played at the recital. Their musical abilities ranged from beginner to intermediate.

All of the students did a fantastic job. While I was watching these young students play, I could only imagine how beneficial this performance was for them. It was such a great experience for my daughter and for the other students. It built their confidence and their self-esteem. After the recital my daughter asked her teacher when the next recital would be because she had enjoyed this one so much.

I know the parents enjoyed it too. I was watching their faces as their kids were performing, some taking photos and videos. I know I was proud of my daughter and I could tell the other parents were proud of their children too.
I had a similar experience with Graci about a month before when she had her first concert after only playing guitar for a few weeks. Because she was so new at playing guitar her teacher just had her sing the song while he played. Vocals is part of her lessons, I think that’s why she loves guitar so much because she loves to sing. We heard Taylor Swift’s songs “White Horse” and “Never Grow Up” more times than we wanted to, but at least she was practicing. Her concert was at a local restaurant and there were quite a few people there too. When her teacher called her up to sing, she got up there and sang her little heart out. She had no fear whatsoever. I was shocked that she wasn’t nervous at all. I guess all those modeling and etiquette classes she’s been taking since she was three are paying off.  After she got done she said how much she loved singing in front of people. In a few weeks she has another concert and she will be playing the guitar and singing.

My kids take private lessons because their school doesn’t offer guitar or piano, but I do know there are public elementary and middle schools that offer guitar, piano and band classes. I know most high schools offer band. If you child has the chance to play an instrument encourage them to do so. It is such a wonderful gift and it will benefit your child throughout their life. Remember getting them involved when they are younger my make it easier for them to learn.

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