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Friday, September 6, 2013

Rainbow Loom Kits All the Rage- Finding the best price

If you have kids you probably know about the Rainbow Loom, if not you soon will. It is the hot item this year, kind of like silly bands were a few years ago. The Rainbow Loom is a kit that you can make bracelets with rubber bands. I saw a little girl with the kits this summer while we were on vacation and thought to myself this is going to be the next big thing for kids. I think I was right. At least in our city, kids are wanting these kits.

The kits are not cheap. They are $16.99 at most stores. Only a few stores have them. The only two stores I know of are Michaels and Learning Express. Right now they are $16.99 at each store. I checked!

I actually thought I would be able to get it for 40% off at Michaels using the coupons they always have out for regular priced items. I went to the store to do that and they said they don't accept coupons on that item. I was kind of mad. I guess they can change the rules if the demand for the item is high. I decided I wouldn't get the kit there because of that. I felt it wasn't right to change the rules and post a little hand-made sign that says no coupons accepted on this item.

I decided to call Learning Express and see if they accepted coupons. They said of course!

My kids happen to be in the Kids Club at the mall (Tyrone Square Mall, in St. Pete., FL) and they give coupons out for Learning Express. The coupon is good for $10 off $50 or $25 off $100. If you aren't in the Kids Club, I just found out more ways to save on these kits at the Tyrone Mall Learning Express. You can "LIKE" them on Facebook ( and check in and receive 10% off your entire purchase each Wednesday. Also on Mondays you can purchase a reusable shopping tote for $2.99 and each Monday bring it back and get 20% off everything that fits inside. Learning Express had plenty of refills of rubber bands, which by the way are $3.99 for 600. Michaels was out of the extra rubber bands.
My kids love making the bracelets. It's fun and it keeps them busy for hours!

By the way....look for classes at the stores on how to make different kinds of bracelets. You can also go on You Tube to find out how to make the bracelets.
Here's a link on how to make a Starburst Bracelet. (Click on highlighted words)
You can even make Barefoot Sandals! (Click on highlighted words)

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